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Tomcat Nano EDGE Orbital - 42V Battery

Brand: Tomcat  |  Condition: New  |  Product Code: NANO EDGE 42V BAT  |  

£1,674.00 (inc. VAT)


The NANO EDGE from TomCat is now available in a 42 V Battery version.

Up to 40 minutes run time on a single charge , 2 hour re charge time.

Optional additional battery handle is easy to fit if an extended run time is required. ( Comes standard with 1 battery )

New noise reducing and corrosion free base clip securely connects to the machine base.

New ergonomically designed handle trigger keeps the switch and button safe and reduces user fatigue.

Built in battery management safety system monitors each cell for temperature and voltage.

Specification sheet can be found here


From removing layers of dirt from grout lines to just caked on layers of dust and dirt, this machine is compact & very powerful.

  • Powerful oscillating scrubbing action
  • Cleans hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for washrooms & stairs
  • Large range of pads and accessories
  • Simple robust construction

TomCat’s Edge machines have rectangular decks so you can clean into corners and their range of pads allow for chemical free deep cleaning, stripping, polishing, sanding, renovation and much more.

Results, in general, are achieved in a single pass giving up to 70 percent staff labour saving.

The system also uses up to 70 percent less water than a traditional rotary set up making you more eco-friendly than ever before.

A simple to use but robust construction make all Tomcat machines ideal for any operator.

The range of pads to suit the Tomcat Nano Edge can be found here.