Matrix SD 5KW 4X4

Product code: Matrix SD 5KW 4X4
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The 4×4 SD5KW is a 9 bar 16 Amp 3 phase Industrial Steam Cleaning Machine with a steam and detergent facility.

Lighter than other industrial steam cleaners, but still packing a punch, the SD5KW is ideal for smaller industrial environments that still require serious cleaning capacity.

The SD5KW features the same durable stainless steel construction as it’s larger cousins, such as the SD10KW, and the same continuous fill boiler that keeps refill and reheat time down.

The perfect machine for smaller industrial environments with high cleaning requirements, the SD5KW also comes with optional vacuum extras.

  • Suitable for Industrial Environments
  • Where steam & detergent is required (vacuum optional)
  • Stainless Steel body, Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Continuous Fill boiler allowing refill with no reheat time
  • 9 Bar Pressure
  • 3-phase steam cleaner
  • Detergent Delivery system
  • Steam regulator to control the volume of steam
  • Full steam & detergent too kit as standard (vacuum optional)

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Product Code Matrix SD 5KW 4X4
Weight 58kg