MAC Avant Hot Water Pressure Washer

Product code: MAC 1
£2,495.00 £2,994.00 (inc. VAT)
The best selling mobile hot water machine on the market.
  • Automatic by-pass valve
  • Safety valve
  • Thermostat for Temperature Control
  • Pressure Gauge
  • 4 large robust wheels for the toughest terrain
  • Efficient M2 boiler system
  • Professional Interpump with ceramic pistons
  • Industrial 1450rpm low revving electric motor
  • Steam stage with low pressure steam valve
  • Low level fuel warning lamp with burner shutdown
  • Winner of the 7 year MOD supply contract
  • 31lt Heavy Duty Internal Fuel Tank
  • Supplied with 10mtr High Pressure Hose, Gun, Lance and Jet
Brand MAC International
Product Code MAC 1
Weight 125kg