IPC H28 Hot Water Pressure Washer

Product code: IPC H28 240V
£1,625.00 £1,950.00 (inc. VAT)

The IPC PW-HW28 is an compact professional pressure washer, built from impact resistant high density polyethylene, this machine incorporates many advanced features that set it apart from it's competitors.

It is fitted with a 2 pole motor and heavy duty IPC pump for increased life, 24v switching for increased safety; large capacity 18ltr fuel & detergent tanks; timed shutdown , water softening, stainless steel boiler & high pressure chemical application.

Power Supply : Single phase, 240v, 50Hz

Motor Power : 2.5hp (2.7Kw) 2 pole 2800 rpm
Pressure : 120bar (1600psi )
Flow 600 litres p/hr / 10 litres p/min
Dimensions 820 x 630 x 870 mm

Supplied with 10 m high pressure hose , gun and lance assembly.


Brand IPC
Condition New
Product Code IPC H28 240V
Weight 75kg