Hako Cleanol R (10L)

Product code: Cleanol R
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Suitable for use on all waterproof and alkaline-proof floors.

NOT suitable for use in scrubber-driers.


Hako Cleanol-R is suitable for use on any type of waterproof and alkaline-proof floor as a spray product for removing rubber traces and rubber stripes left by shoes, tires of forklift trucks etc.

Hako Cleanol-R is a very effective product but cannot be used in machines.


1 litre per 1 litre water (50%/1:1)

Only use as a spray product before the cleaning


Add cold water to the right amount product to clean and fill a spray-bottle.

Spray the cleaning solution onto the rubber traces and stripes and let the product soak for several minutes. Then clean as usual with a scrubber-drier.

Note: Product is corrosive, use safety equipment!

Brand Hako
Condition New
Product Code Cleanol R