Hako Cleanol HD (10L)

Product code: Cleanol HD
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Low foaming, highly alkaline.

Suitable for use in scrubber-driers.

Suitable for use on all waterproof and alkaline-proof floors.

Contains potassium hydroxide. Permitted for use within the HACCP.


Hako Cleanol-HD is suitable for use on any type of waterproof and alkaline-proof floor and is suitable to remove heavy (industrial) dirt and old acrylic polymer protective layers. Hako Cleanol-HD is an intensive cleaner and is suitable for use on industrial, concrete, ceramic and natural stone floors, linoleum, PVC, marble, composite etc.


7.5-50ml per 1 litre water (0.75-5%/1:150 – 1:20)

Depending on the amount of dirt.


Add cold water, depending on the amount of dirt, type of floor and right amount of product to clean. Clean the floor manually or with a scrubber-drier. With heavy pollution, let the product soak for several minutes:

Product is corrosive, use safety equipment!

Brand Hako
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Product Code Cleanol HD